Why fake IDs and Hair Transplanation have a link?

The main cause of baldness with alopecia is the negative effect of the androgen hormone on the hair follicle in the frontal and parietal zones.Under the influence of the hormone, the bulb with receptors sensitive to androgen, over time, loses its productive function and ceases to produce hair, atrophying.Baldness is progressing.
About 1/3 of the male population suffers from baldness.Because the second key factor in the development of the disease is genetic information received at birth.It is known that in about 70% of cases, the gene responsible for hair loss is obtained by a man from his mother.In the other 30%, the gene is passed directly through the father.
With alopecia (androgenic), hair always remains on the scalp in the temporal and occipital zones.Since the hair follicles in these areas do not have androgen receptors, the obligatory cause of androgenic alopecia is excluded.In the occipital and temporal zones, hair is genetically protected from death.
There are two theoretical solutions: to change the genetic code or suppress hormonal activity.But it is clear that an attempt to influence such factors can lead to unpredictable negative consequences.We know too little about the genetic code yet.And since hair follicles inevitably die with androgenic alopecia, hair restoration using traditional methods (creams, ointments, shampoos) is impossible.
It is an obvious fact that an effective solution is to deal directly with the hair loss process, and not with its consequences.It is necessary to create hair from scratch on bald skin.Where can I get them?In the USA, microfiber (artificial hair implantation) is prohibited due to the risk to the patient's health.The only way out today is hair transplantation from the temporal and occipital regions.
The idea of ​​transplanting your own hair appeared in the 30s of the 20th century.The first successful transplant took place in 1959.Then the "donor dominant theory" was developed and proved.According to this theory, all hair follicles retain their genetic data even if hair is transplanted to another area.Previously, hair was transplanted in the form of bundles (12-18 bulbs).In addition to painfulness, the operation led to unsatisfactory aesthetic results.After all, large skin areas were transplanted, which is why the effect of "doll head" (bushiness) appeared.The scars were visible for a long time.
With the help of mini-transplantation (when 5-11 bulbs are transplanted), introduced two decades ago, it was possible to improve the aesthetic results of the operation.This method is used today in many clinics.There is also microtransplantation that appeared in 1985 (transplantation of 1-4 bulbs).
A couple of years ago, a unique technique of follicular microtransplantation began to be used.
Follicular microtransplantation method allows:
• get a uniform and natural process of hair restoration;
• more effectively use the donor areas of the patient's head;
• significantly reduce the cost of transplantation;
• reduce the number of repeated stages of follicle transplantation.
Follicular microtransplantation is performed on an outpatient basis under the influence of local anesthesia.During the operation, 1-2 hair follicles taken from the back of the head are transferred to the baldness foci.A small and almost imperceptible scar, covered with hair, remains at the site of the collection of genetic material.
In the center of baldness, a micro-puncture of the skin is made, into which a micrograft is placed.The number of follicles to be transplanted is calculated depending on the degree of hair loss, hair structure and hair density.More than 1500 follicles are transplanted during one session (4-6 hours).About 24 hours after the transplant, you can wash your hair using shampoo.New hair will begin to grow in about three to four months.After transplantation, the hair in the previously affected area will retain its natural natural characteristics, and will not differ in any way from the rest. To enjoy all this wonderful experience, one needs to have a proper form of identification, because all these pubs and exciting places are age-restricted and the nightlife culture has prompted the under-aged to acquire fake forms of ID to get in and taste the freedom. learn more at fake ID website: https://topfakeid.com/

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