How to lose weight

Normal weight, lack of excess fat, lightness, youth - this is what, first of all, is harmony. Slenderness is physical and mental health. The opportunity to wear a dress without thinking about hateful folds sticking out, not thinking about the style, the pattern on the fabric, which further emphasizes the fullness, always looks good - is this not happiness for a woman? A beautiful slender figure gives mood, confidence, and well-being. This is a great way to avoid many diseases that arise due to overweight and obesity. A lot has been written about proper nutrition, a set of products that promote and, on the contrary, prevent the formation of fat. But are you aware of tricks and various tricks that will help curb your excessive appetite? Surely you know a few of these secrets. Add to your information the unusual advice of American nutritionists and women who managed to win the fight against overweight.

1. Take off all your clothes and stand in front of the mirror. For some time, carefully examine your figure, study the flaws of your body. Perhaps some will immediately lose their appetite, and there will be a desire to return to their normal appearance as soon as possible.

2. Visualize the process of weight loss. Fold a pile of magazines in the corner of the room by the number of kilograms you want to lose. With each lost kilogram, clean the log.

3. Encourage your own efforts. For each kilogram lost, bestow yourself by buying something pleasant and necessary for you.

4. Control your gymnastics activities. Mark the days on the calendar with the bright star-type sticker when you did the exercise.

5. Before each meal, wear a belt around your waist. Stop eating as soon as it begins to crash into the body.

6. Set yourself up for small portions. In the middle of the meal, set aside a spoon or fork, fold your hands in your lap and do not eat for 1 minute. You can pause for 5 minutes. All this time, convince yourself that you are full.

7. Keep yourself from eating with symbols. For example, hang trousers or large jeans on a chair next to the refrigerator. They will remind you that there is already enough fat in your body and that you should not open the refrigerator door once again.

8. Place the bathroom scale next to the refrigerator or cabinet where you store sweets.

9. Burn fat without wasting time. Use any minute in order to perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Do them by doing home cleaning or preparing dinner.

10. Do not use a mop; wash the floors with your hands. With this cleaning, you get rid of 150-370 kilocalories in 1 hour.

11. Buy yourself a beautiful dress one size smaller. Try it systematically, with the goal of losing weight after a certain period.

12. Turn on incendiary music and dance every day for 30 minutes. In this case, you will lose 200-300 kilocalories.

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