Microgaming Unveils Record Jackpot Details

Microgaming Unveils Record Jackpot Details

Microgaming confirmed that the record jackpot was hit by 0 comments on October 3, 5 days after hitting the jackpot of a year, maybe decades, Microgaming officially announced a record amount.no max cashout bonus Prior to that, the developer did not comment on the situation, but everyone already knew that the jackpot was hit and how much was hit. The only question was in what currency the jackpot was won.no max cashout no deposit bonus Dollars, euros, pounds - the difference between them would be quite significant. It turned out that the win was thwarted in euros - 18,915,872.81. Most interestingly, the punter hit this insane jackpot by betting only 75 cents! And it didn't take very long to spin the reels %s... It took him less than 50 spins to do this. According to the developer, the lucky one or the lucky one did not want to shine and refused to go public. So, we will never find out which country the punter was from and what his name was. However, it is known that he played on an Android mobile device. The question was also in which of the Microgaming casinos this significant event took place. The developer answered this question too - Grand Mondial Casino. All Microgaming progressive jackpots are paid out in one amount at once. This is not the case with Playtech, where the developer leaves everything to the will of the


... So, it's scary to think how much money will immediately fall on this"poor fellow". On this topic, Blueprint delights darts fans with the release of the PDC World Darts Championship

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