Pyramids & Sphinx in Egypt: What You Must Know

Visiting the pyramids of Giza in Egypt is on most people’s bucket lists. These massive monuments are not only part of the seven wonders of the world but have also managed to stand the test of time. While everything else around them has crumbled, these awe-inspiring structures have managed to remain standing.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that everyone wants to see them. We have designed this article to tell you all about the pyramids.


Getting to Know the Great Pyramid


There is only one Great Pyramid in Egypt, at Giza, which is known by the Egyptian name, Pyramid of Khufu, or its Greek name, Cheops.

It gets its name because it is the oldest pyramid, as well as the largest, although it really doesn’t look like the largest.

There is the Pyramid of Khafre, which is the second-largest and second oldest. This pyramid looks larger than the Great Pyramid. However, it’s actually shorter than the Great Pyramid by 7 feet.

What makes it look larger is the fact that it was built on terrain 33 feet higher than the surrounding ground.

When the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, it was initially 481 feet high. However, it now sits at the height of 455 feet because, over the years, it has lost the capstone on its top. All the same, it is still higher than the Pyramid of Khafre by 7 feet.

It will also interest you to know that Khufu was the father of Khafre.


Now Onto the Pyramid of Menkaure

This third primary pyramid stands at 205 feet, even though it was initially built at 215 feet.

Much of the pyramid’s casing is in red granite, which uniquely makes it stand out. Over time, the red granite has been stripped off, although the red granite can still be seen.

In total, there are nine pyramids at Giza. Of course, in most photos of the pyramids, you will not be able to see all 9 of them. Also, there are hundreds of pyramids that are in Egypt, but most of them have been torn down, and some of them simply fell apart. As for the ones that have been torn down, their stones were used to build other projects over the years.


Other Pyramid Sites in Egypt

A little further south of Giza, you’ll be able to find more pyramids in areas such as Saqqara and Dashur. These sites do not get as much traffic as Giza. What that means is that you have enough time to explore the pyramids all by yourself.


How to Get to the Pyramids

If you’re thinking of visiting the pyramids, then you should know how you’ll be able to get to them. It should be noted that you will need a vehicle in order to get to the pyramids. It doesn’t matter if you are staying at the hotel right next to the pyramids, or if you are staying downtown, you will still need transportation in order to get to the pyramids.

If you decide to be within a tour group, then a van or a bus will the used, which will take you right to the ticket office entrance. On the other hand, if you decide to use a taxi, then be prepared to deal with annoying “Taxi Jumpers.”

These are guys who will jump into the taxi and try to sell you a donkey or a camel. They will tell you all sorts of things like you’re not able to get to the pyramids on a vehicle, and that is why you should get a donkey or a camel. Be prepared, because these guys are so annoying and persistent, no matter how much you tell them that you’re not interested.

When you get to the ticket gate, you will have to grab a ticket, as well as go through security and some metal detectors before you proceed. Also to be noted is the fact that you will have to buy a separate ticket if you intend to go inside any one of the pyramids.

It’s a good idea to go to the pyramids in the morning as only a certain number of tickets are sold per day. Because of that, the tickets tend to run out by midday.

As soon as you enter the pyramids, you will have the time of your life. You get the chance to experience the pyramids up close and personal. That is also a sphinx gate where you can marvel at these great historical monuments.



Traveling to Egypt gives you the chance to explore another part of the world. Apart from the pyramids and the Sphinx, you will get to enjoy the fantastic dishes as well. Visit today to get the best hotel deals in Egypt.

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