Fatal bus

My aunt lived in a small town in the Far East. Arriving one day to visit us, she told a strange story. But first things first.
Aunt Vera came to visit our family every year. She loved relatives, was responsive and kind. Her appearance is unpretentious: a pretty, plump woman, her figure resembled a square. She used to go around the house in colorful dressing-gowns and worked as a saleswoman at a vegetable base. Vera Nikolaevna had hobbies: she was perfectly knitting and crocheting.
Vera was born and raised in a small village on the bank of the Amur River, and then she married a handsome boy and went to live in the city. She did not have a personal life, and Vera Nikolaevna moved to a smaller town where her parents had moved by that time. Vera Nikolaevna went there with her little daughter Masha. Masha, like two drops of water, looked like a lanky father. Coming to relatives, Aunt Vera was knitting enthusiastically: socks, scarves and hats. Then she gave these treasures to those who stayed with. She usually left her daughter in the city with her grandmother.
Let us return to the unusual story that happened to her. As usual, Vera Nikolaevna began to go on a trip to her relatives. She collected a small bag, putting there things and accessories for knitting. Then she went for a ticket to the bus station. This time it was not easy to take the bus to get to the bus station: it had to wait a very long time. This Faith could not yet remember: he went here every ten to fifteen minutes. On this strangeness is not over. Halfway on the bus, something stuck, and he stopped, releasing all the passengers. Vera decided to get to the ticket office of the bus station on foot. Walking through the cobbled streets, a trouble happened to her again: a huge poplar suddenly fell right in front of Vera Nikolayevna, although there was no wind that day. Vera was alarmed, but she decided to reach her destination. At the bus station, she stood for about an hour near the ticket office: a device broke down, and there was a huge queue. Having bought a ticket, Vera Nikolaevna reached home without incident. A day later she was waiting for the trip. I did not have to negotiate with my grandmother: Vera lived with her parents. She calmly went to work the next day. The day was particularly tense: the May holidays were approaching, and a lot of products were delivered. They had to be properly distributed and ensure the safety, and there were a lot of buyers. In general, she was exhausted pretty. And during the working day an old woman approached Vera Nikolaevna. She talked to her, and then the old woman asked the saleswoman if she was going to go somewhere. Vera replied that she already bought a ticket for tomorrow. The old woman looked at her strangely and advised to postpone the trip. Vera Nikolaevna was very surprised by this, but she did not attach much importance to the words of the customer. Vera came home tired and exhausted. She quickly ate dinner and immediately went to bed. Usually she didn’t remember what she was dreaming about, and then nightmares tormented her all night long: huge monsters seemed to be chasing her in the dark, and her wadded legs wouldn’t allow them to escape. Before going to sleep, Vera set the alarm, and what was her surprise when she got up instead of seven in the ten. She overslept! The bus has long been rolled away at 8 o'clock. I had to stay at home. After some time, Vera Nikolaevna found out about the terrible accident that occurred on the highway that day: a passenger bus crashed into a truck. Surprisingly, it was the same bus on which she was going to go. So, strange signs saved her. And the higher forces warned of danger. Since then, Vera has become less likely to leave her daughter with her grandmother, she spent a lot of free time with her, because you never know what will happen to you the next day. Cela citrate de sildénafil orient disponible sous-vêtement forme avec abrogation verbal nonobstant traiter cette dysfonction érectile après l'hypertension pulmonaire. Kamagra gel dans France est spécialisée dans cette fourniture en tenant médicaments génériques en compagnie de qualité fabriqués pendant Ajanta Pharma.

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