Tips for The Night of the Rabbit - Main Missions # 029

The most effective special abilities in the game.

Hacks or special abilities that can be used by players play an important role in Hyper Scape.There are more than a dozen types of hacks available in the game, and each of them has its own principle of operation.Which ones should you choose and which ones are better?We answer these questions in this guide.

As with weapons, in Hyper Scape you can use two hacks at the same time.By default, they are assigned to the Q and E keys (A and B, and the circle and X respectively for the Xbox One and PS4 versions).In a separate chapter, we explain how to enable and improve hacks.

Among the available hacks, the following should be noted:

Crush is one of the most useful hacks in the game.Forces the character to jump high in the air, and then after a while crash into the ground, dealing damage.Useful on the offensive, to start clashes, and on the defensive, to quickly get out of the scene of action, jumping over several rows of buildings.However, in enclosed spaces, it is completely useless.

Healing is a healing ability that restores lost health points to you and nearby allies.Works great in solo mode.It is worth having at least one person in the party.The downside is a very long cooldown at low levels and a rather slow healing - the ability recovers points every second, does not heal instantly.

Mina is a very situational ability.Practically useless in open spaces, but deadly inside buildings.Having deployed the mine, she waits for a victim - when an enemy appears nearby, he begins to chase him and explodes when he comes close enough.The mine works great in the last minutes of the game, especially when every member of the team has one - thanks to this, several entrances to the building can be secured.

Invisibility is another very useful ability, mostly defensive.After activation, the player's character becomes invisible to others - only a slightly visible strip remains on the screen.It recharges very quickly at higher levels, allowing frequent activations.However, remember that the moment the weapon is fired, the invisibility effect will stop working.

Wall is a great special skill that requires a good feel and knowledge of the map.When activated, it creates a wall that blocks movement and projectiles.It is very good for blocking passages and creating emergency cover from enemy fire.However, in the wrong hands, it can do more harm than good.

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