Why Soaptoday is so popular in the UK in 2021-2022

Soap2day remains the most popular pirate service with a huge inbound traffic of 100 million visitors daily. Despite the banning of the platform Soap2Day back in 2018, exact "mirrors" are circulating on the Internet, fully replicating the content and functionality of the original.


The demand for Soap2day in the UK

Piracy in the UK (United Kingdom) is severely punished by law. The government of the country prohibits any unauthorized use of intellectual property, be it a book, music, an article or video. Any video hosting provider is required to sign a contract with the copyright owner or pay a fee for the use of the product.

Nevertheless, illegal services are widely used in the country, as they are all over the world. Soaptoday is no exception: this site is so beloved by millions of movie buffs that many of them refuse to switch to legal online movie theaters.

The prevalence of Kodi media center add-ons in the public domain also contributes to the illegal business. The player has no security standards and no parental control, but it provides quality playback of videos of different formats.

High prices for paid streaming platforms and legal online movie theaters force UK users to save money by connecting to pirated resources. If in the former CIS countries legal sites offer free access with restrictions on certain content in addition to a subscription, in the West any pirated film or series can be the cause of a large fine.

To circumvent blocking by search engines, people in Great Britain widely use programs for hiding IP addresses (VPNs).

In addition to monetary benefits the British, as well as many viewers from other parts of the world, appreciate the high security of the website Soap2day, the huge number of catalog with movies and TV series in HD quality, easy interface with search sections. Movie lovers appreciate the ability to sort content by genre, producer country, IMDb rating. The owners of the service are constantly updating the library with popular TV shows, reality programs, documentaries. You can also find a movie by title through the search box. If there is no such file, you can send a request in a special form and the administration will let you know when it appears on the site.

Attractiveness of the service adds the absence of advertising, pop-ups, which often carry the threat of infection, free viewing without authorization. 
Viewers can very easily view their desired movie online for free by going to the site and clicking on the video poster. A window with a video player will open, then click the "watch" icon. The file loads instantly, the high broadcasting speed and excellent quality allow you to enjoy fascinating stories. 

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