Classes in sections

Classes in sections.
All parents want their child to be healthy, strong, strong and successful.That is why many of them make a lot of efforts in order to fully and scaled up the potential of the child from early childhood, try to develop all his abilities.This is very important for his future life, which is why there are no special objections to all these parental efforts.
But, nevertheless, I would like to remind you that the main thing in the development of a child is his own desire to develop in one direction or another.Because it often happens that parents pay for classes in sports schools, take their child to dance and swimming classes, encourage classes in a music school, and the child is trying with all his might to find a way not to go there.Parents are outraged and unhappy that the child does not appreciate their efforts, they suggest thinking about what benefits all these activities will bring in the future ... And it is not the child who should think about it, but themselves.
After all, if a child is not interested in classes in sections and circles, it means that he does not succeed in them, or he would prefer to do something else.While the child is small, you can choose his interests for him, but over time he wants to deal with his own.And parents often choose for their children what is fashionable or what they once wanted to do themselves.But a child is the inability to live his life anew.First of all, he is a unique person with his own preferences and views.If you force him to be passionate about something, nothing good will come of it.
It is important to listen to the child's opinion and allow him to spend his free time with what is interesting to him.Even if he is interested in completely abandoning sports and creativity.Thinking about what he will be doing in his free time is not worth it.After all, the circle is not a storage room where the child will be busy with something without distracting the parents.This is a way to unleash children's possibilities.But if the child does not want to reveal these possibilities, there is no need to insist.Even if the chosen type of activity is easy for him, this is not a reason to force the kid to do it.
Another danger in such a hobby of parents for sections is their work for the result.The child may enjoy swimming or drawing, but is not a genius in this area.And parents definitely need records and prizes at the Olympiads.Therefore, the child's modest results do not suit them.And the child, seeing the constant discontent of his parents, begins to doubt himself and his capabilities.
Therefore, when choosing activities for a child, one should remember that they should like them first of all, but should not become a race for medals. Source

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